Connecticut Journal of International Law

Volume 32

The Global Refugee Crisis

Symposium 2015-16

Friday, April 15, 2016

There have always been refugees: people forced from their home countries by war, persecution, or other types of violence and who must seek new homes and new lives abroad. But the world is now experiencing a crisis of a greater scope and severity than anything it has seen in decades. (Continued)

The first issue of Volume 31 is out!

The Necessity of a Human Rights Accountability for the United Nations. 31 Conn. J. Int'l L. 1 - By Gerhard Niedrist
Ten Types of Israeli and Palestinian Violations of the Laws of War and the ICC. 31 Conn. J. Int'l L. 27 - By Jordan J. Paust

Secession: The Rule of Law and the European Union. 31 Conn. J. Int'l L. 61 - By Frederick V. Perry & Scheherazade Rehman

The Rise of Private Military Firms in International Conflicts: A Problem of Legal Authority and Extraterritorial Jurisdiction. 31 Conn. J. Int'l L. 93 - By Roni A. Elias

NOTE: Bringing out the Small Guns: Title 50 Covert Operations as a Response to Unconventional Threats in the Modern Era. 31 Conn. J. Int'l L. 115 - By Anthony J. Fontanella

The second issue of Volume 31 is coming soon!

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